Gakir, Serkan

Mystic Music Band from Turkey.
Vocal: Bora UYMAZ
Ceng & Harp: Sirin PANCAROGLU
Reed: Serkan CAKIR
Tanbour: Cem CIRAK
Percussion: Hamdi AKATAY

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"Yesterday is gone with yesterday, my darling; now we need to say something new."
(Hz. Mevlana Jalal al-Din)

In daily life we are torn between the past and the future. Often, unaware and devoid of the meaning of the present, the "now". We all know thousands of songs like "Remember the past, how happy we were" and cliché sentences like "Everything's gonna be all right". Not so many are who say that "Now is beautiful". However, if we could live in the present, we could both find our place in the past and be able to prepare the future. If we focus too much on the past, we miss the present, which in turn becomes a thing of the past itself. By the same token, the future remains uncomfortably ambiguous that way.

The same goes for musical performance too. If one keeps thinking about the mistake just made, or a difficult passage ahead, the musician misses the moment. And because of that there is no room for enjoyment. This is the philosophy behind our music: living in the present, making the music of the present by using its natural power and enjoying the moment. In this sense, our concert repertoire has an element of surprise for us too. “Simdi” mostly performs music composed by band members. Whether composed hymns, songs or instrumental works, the music is strongly rooted in the creativity of the moment, accompanied by improvised forms such taksims, ghazals and odes (kasides).

"Simdi" (now) is ensemble dedicated to performing music written within the framework of mysticism and deals with the “now”. Now, it's the time for "Simdi"!

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  • WOMEX 2013


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