La Chicana

La Chicana creates a new tango sound: far away from the grand orchestras they find themselves at home in an accoustic quintet with a charismatic singer. So their line up reminds more of a rockband than of a tango orchestra in its “typical” style. Their instrumentation exposes the “ethnical” background from the beginnings of tango; that melting-pot-identity that characterizes Buenos Aires more than anything else; that tango that started to develop its form at the beginning of the 20th century is a fusion of Italian, Polish, Spanish, German and African traditions and cultures, and nowadays is the main reference of whole Argentina all over the world.

La Chicana gives new life to the spirit of the tango of the suburbs that emerged with the inmigrants arriving at the port of Buenos Aires with nothing in their pockets than their own courage and the will to find a new sense for their lifes and an escape from the poverty of their homelands. Nowadays they don’t arrive at the port anymore, but their struggle against human misery –omnipresent in La Chicana’s original lyrics- lives on through their children and grandchildren. Everyday’s circunstances have varied during the last 100 years; but the typically tango-characters and topics invented for La Chicana’s short-story-songs continue being most up-to-date: disappointment, decadence, regret, misfortune, endless love, impossible affairs, nostalgy...