"Au Coeur de l’Aube" - Genticorum


Just when the darkness gives way to the dawn, the birdsong reaches a crescendo. It is the “dawn chorus,” which greets the first sunbeams piercing the horizon. Au Coeur de l’Aube (The Heart of Dawn), the eleventh album by the trio Genticorum, is an invitation to delve into the core of Quebecois folk music by the light of the breaking dawn. The album’s title captures this spirit in untranslatable wordplay, simultaneously evoking “the heart of the dawn” and the “dawn chorus” in the homonyms coeur/choeur.

These twelve tracks, a mixture of vocal pieces and instrumentals, are populated by a host of birds. A recurring figure is the lark, who visits sailors on the high seas, accompanies lovers in the fields, and places her heart in the wings of the blackbird. We also meet the quail and the partridge, perched on the throne of their nest, watching us. These tales are illuminated through the trio’s idiosyncratic musical sensibility, honed by their experience playing on the international scene for more than 20 years.