IQulah Rastafari

IQulah Rastafari

Known Internationally as the Reggae Ambassador, IQulah’s mission is to bring love and unity to the four ends of the earth.

In 1985, IQULAH, who's name represents Integrity, Quality, Unity and Love for Africa as Home, set up his own label, Mozziah, to release a number of 7in disks to kick start his musical career in Jamaica.
Not long after, IQulah The Gideon Force, released their debut album, Rasta Philosophy, which featured amongst many vocalists, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt on harmonies. This album became the platform for The Mission when IQulah and family The Gideon travelled worldwide and became the first reggae band to perform in Estonia Russia.

The Mission was released in 1993. Soon after, IQulah began touring again and quickly established himself as a legendary performer, taking his audiences into higher spiritual heights. The press hailed him as the "High Priest Of Reggae". With his unique charisma and strong African presentation, IQulah touched thousands of his audiences across the world, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Russia, Africa, the Far East, to name but a few.

Many years on the move, touring many countries, a road that lead to IQulah’s greatest fulfilment when he stepped on the African shores, when he performed in Maskal Square, Ethiopia in front of 80,000 people. The journey through Africa continues and to date IQulah & family have performed in Malawi, South Africa, Mali, Tanzania, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

In 1998, IQulah retired from touring to join the lecture circuit in many universities mainly in Europe.

In 2004, IQulah launched his album Rastafari 4 Eva. His prophetic messages are as strong as ever, acknowledging current events and offering words of strength and clarity to all. A solid team of Jamaican's best musicians present the authentic sound of the King's music with the progressive reggae beat that IQulah's fans have come to expect.

Although IQulah’s music is the foundation and heart and soul of his work, his mission is unity for the people. Over the past 15 years IQulah has also established community centers around the world including The Andahnet Center in St. Ann’s Bay Jamaica, and two community centers in Rwanda and Uganda East Africa. The Gideon Force Foundation (GFF) is now in the process of being established, the GFF is a charity based organization that aims to support the development of the community centers and other projects in development.

Having recently been elected (2009) the President of Chapter 17 of The Ethiopian World Federation, IQulah is now planning a series of ongoing concerts to raise awareness and funds to support an educational program in Shashamani Ethiopia

IQulah will be releasing a new album soon and a world tour is currently being scheduled for the end of 2009

Rastafari is The Almighty