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  • 1 Khafa (Up In Arms)
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Kiran Ahluwalia is a modern exponent of the great vocal traditions of India and Pakistan which she honors yet departs from in masterful, personal ways. Her original compositions embody her Indian heritage while embracing influences from West African blues, to jazz, and beyond. With her 5-piece group of electric guitar, accordion/organ, drum kit/djembe, and tabla, Ahluwalia creates boundary-breaking songs that invite us to explore the human condition. Born In India, living in New York City, Kiran studied Indian music since childhood. Winning two JUNOs (Canadian Grammies), a Songlines Award and two Canadian Folk Awards - Kiran has over the course of seven albums created a style uniquely her own. A deep love of trancy rhythms along with the progressive harmonies and addictive guitar riffs of partner and Downbeat Critics Poll Top 10 guitarist, Rez Abbasi have shaped the songs on her latest album 7 Billion (May 2018 Six Degrees). Known for her innovative collaborative projects, her video with Tuareg supergroup Tinariwen has reached over 2 million views. Writing both words and music, Kiran’s songs speak of: cultural intolerance among our current 7 billion population, fighting civil wars within ourselves and realizing female desire by throwing away shame.