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Line up

  • Julia Pellegrini  (Alto)
  • Juliette Brousset (Soprano)
  • Lisa Herbolzheimer  (Alto)
  • Stephanie Neigel  (Basse Soprano)


Les Brünettes – The Beatles Close-Up

Following their successful programme entitled ‘A Women Thing’, a congenial homage to their musical heroines, Les Brünettes felt ready for a ‘boys thing’. And who better to choose than the epitome of all boys groups, the Beatles? Seen through the eyes of four women, we are treated to an exhilarating close-up of the Fab Four’s life and music.

On stage, Les Brünettes deliver a rousing, sensual and high-powered performance spanning the Beatles’ entire musical spectrum, from early light-hearted and ingenious simplicity to subsequent complex song structures and instrumentation. Short scenes, dialogues and film clips provide a dramatic framework for the music, putting an ironic, whimsical and reflective, yet always unexpected, spotlight on the world’s most famous pop band.