GKO second album on the making

Chris Castagno and Chris Leclerc
James Benjamin at Breakglass Studios, Montreal
Aurelien Tomasi and Sebastian Mejia

Monday May 20th was GKO’s first day at the Break Glass Recording Studios in Montréal, with well-known international producer Christian Castagno and sound engineer James Benjamin.

We're aiming to produce 12 original songs that have been created by Aurelien Tomasi, Sebastian Mejia, Anit Ghosh, Zilien Biret, Ivan Bamford and Bertrand Margelidon in collaboration with GKO musiciens and artistic team.

We are ready to imprint the universe with music that will travel far, will be heard of, remembered for and danced to, for a long time.

We’ll be happy to share such music with you, when the time comes, in spring 2020

Feel free to share the news and to stay connected. You can find us on the web @gypsykumbia

article posted by:Carmen Ruiz, GKO