GMF - Grand Mother's Funck feat. Akil the MC

GMF - Grand Mother's Funck feat. Akil the MC

Line up

  • Alex Hendriksen  (Tenor Sax )
  • Andreas Michel  (Keyboard )
  • Bernhard Häberlin  (Guitar )
  • Daniel Aebi (Drums )
  • Ohlê Gagneux  (Percussion )
  • René Mosele (Trombone, Synth )
  • Rich Fonje  (Vocals )
  • Thomas Reinecke  (Bass .)


Simply a streak of creative energy: In fall 2010, GMF released their 7-track EP "GMF feat. Akil the MC", limited edition on vinyl only, which was sent to selected DJs all around the world. While the disc was playing on turntables in England, Germany and France and remixes were being made, GMF were working to complete their full-length CD-album...
And here we go: The long-expected new album will be released in May 2011 with Sony Music in Switzerland and with the German GLM internationally. The new CD's first single "Do" is playing in the radios while GMF are rocking festival stages throughout Switzerland.

Over the last 15 years, the eight-piece collective has built a reputation for party music on a highest level. GMF Grand Mother's Funck is generally considered the number one Swiss funk act. They have proved themselves popular among all age groups and throughout the world, with CD-releases in the U.S. and in Germany, steady airplay on the Bahamas and a fan-club in Japan.
On their new album and the upcoming concert tour, GMF and their singer Rich Fonje will be joined by Akil the MC. Rapper and lyricist Akil is best known as a founding member of the legendary HipHop crew Jurassic 5. A true Master of Rhythm from L.A. South Central meets the creators of "Le Funck Federal"... Coming from opposite corners of black music as well as the globe their roots are the same The collaboration between these two major players is a perfect match and the result an explosive mix of Funk, HipHop, R&B and Soul Music. The album is a treat and their live show will blow your mind...