"Shout it from the Rooftops" - Jamaram

  • artist:Jamaram
  • release year:2008
  • style(s):Latin, Reggae
  • country:Germany
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:GLM Music GmbH
  • label:Impulso
  • publisher:GLM Music

Guerrilla-gigs in pedestrian zones, jam sessions at schoolyards, performances at youth-penitentiaries, workshops in Uganda – no, JAMARAM is not what you’d call an ordinary band. And they don’t do ordinary music. „We sound like a five course menu on a fork“, says JAMARAM singer Tom Lugo about their third album (release 25th April 2008). „Everything is there, from the starter to the dessert – and it tastes delicious!“ Reggae, funk, soul, latin, swing, ska, pop and rock – the eight musicians from Munich/Germany don’t know any limits. Also in a geographical sense: they play more than a hundred shows per year in the world’s most remote corners.

Music is our language
„We plan to go to Uganda by the end of 2008, in order to jam together with school kids“, says Lugo, who works as a music teacher and who places a simple message: There is one language everybody understands – music. „It’s about international communication“, adds drummer Murxen Alberti. „Our music unites different people. We don’t know any borders and play everywhere.“

Music is the message
Hence the album’s title is „Shout It From The Rooftops“: Jamaram are always and anywhere on the move and they shout their passion from every rooftop. Their message? Joie de vivre. Fun. Positive energy. „Our sound is our experiences’ mirror“, explains guitarist Samuel Hopf „and we never get enough.“ The flat-share, in which they live, is open to anyone who wants to jam, resulting in a lot of friendships and connections.“ Their music is not fitted to a specific target audience, eluding any clichés. „We want to do what we do and we go through with it. If it appeals to people so much the better“, emphasises keyboarder Lionel Wharton.

Music never stops
The 13 tracks on „Shout It From The Rooftops“ sound organic, warm and authentic. No wonder: The songs have been recorded live in a studio. „Our music is hand-made! It works in a threesome in the pedestrian zone or with eight musicians on stage.“ And in any region of the world.
One can experience that during their Street-Music-Tour in March, at the concerts of the Album-Release-Tour and at the summer festivals (see tour dates!).

Music for the people
„Word-of-mouth recommendation is he best propaganda“, says Tom Lugo refering to more than 500 concerts he and his band have already played. „Every year a little increase: in CD-sales, in concert attendances, in website traffic.“ Their circle of friends, fans and acquaintances also keeps on growing. So: put the CD in, turn up the volume – and the sun begins to shine. Even if it’s raining or if one is in low spirits.
For the last one and a half years, JAMARAM have collected more than 7.000 €. With these donations, JAMARAM was able to help support, in cooperation with the organisation Go Ahead!, a primary school for children, who became orphan because of AIDS. No, JAMARAM is certainly not an average band!