Le Bang Bang
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Le Bang Bang

Bang! Musical love at the first sight. LE BANG BANG is reaching his audience with his imaginative interpretation for voice and double bass immediately.

Behind the Munich duo LE BANG BANG hides the collaboration of the singer Stefanie Boltz and the double bass player Sven Faller. A high-musical dialogue without stylistic reservation. Classics from Billie Holiday or Duke Ellington are standing beside pop-hymns from Wham, Lenny Kravitz, Aretha Franklin or Nirvana. Out of all influences that are concerning their hearts, Sven Faller & Stefanie Boltz are creating a complete separate world of music. Result: the sound of LE BANG BANG.

From the very beginning of their collaboration, Faller & Boltz felt, that they were going an auspicious way together. They worked out a concert on request and were rewarded: exited reactions from the audience and shortly afterwards the record deal. Bang!

At LE BANG BANG the minimalist instrumentation with voice and double bass is complete. Stefanie Boltz is spreading out a astonishing colour palette. She aspirates and whispers, improvises with text and sounds. She is putting her richness of expression completely into commission of the song-tale. Sven Faller succeed in changing between groovy basement and lyrical-melodical tone amazingly fast. Even often heard Classics played by LE BANG BANG are conveying an impression of just coming into existence.

The debut "BANG BANG" is a intuitive compilation of favourite songs, a chamber music "song-sation" in selection and conversion. The recordings are mostly produced during the first weeks of the collaboration - a certification of the fresh meeting, of the first musical spark.