Les Babacools

Les Babacools
Les Babacools
Les Babacools

Line up

  • Boris (Percussion)
  • Buzz-T (Drums)
  • Caramellow (Vocals)
  • Discophil (Bass)
  • Lobstarr (Vocals)
  • N-drew (Keys)
  • Omar (Trumpet)
  • Tobi (Guitar)
  • Tony (Trumpet)

The groups two frontmen Caramellow (singing in spanish) and Lobstarr (english vocals) are backed by a heavy rolling rhythm-section, completed by Horns, Background vocals and sometimes even a violin. At least four of the groups musicians played together for almost twenty years in a row, resulting in a musical understanding hard to be found in most of the common bands. Les Babacools unique style has been represented on four studio albums and thousands of live shows.

The group shared the stage with such acts as Jamiroquai, Alpha Blondie, Orishas, Gentleman - just to name a few. It's truly been a long, yet joyful quest that led the musicians to their present style - incomparable to anything most of the other groups play. But not only is it the extraordinary musical variety that fascinates with Les Babacools - once you see their performance, you won't forget the fascinating energy created on stage. Les Babacools are truly a unique group - musically, lyrically and in concert.

On Tour

Les Babacools