Martina Eisenreich
Cover Violin Tales


"and my soul spread its wings far crossing quiet lands as if it were flying home." (Joseph von Eichendorff)

Wondrous stories told in shimmering moonlight about the longing for lost worlds where wishes always came true: a circus life wild and untamed, flickering sounds of the desert, orgiastic binge drumming in wild moorlands.

An old story teller takes us on a sensual and luring journey with unknown destination: the violin, an ancient auburn French lady of 1885, bewitches with her eternal sweet voice gently turning interwoven sounds into fabulous pictures.

A film to be seen with your ears and to be heard with your heart.

Martina Eisenreich feels herself into this other-world of violin witchcraft with her eyes closed. Her violin technique is exceptional - as exceptional as her ability to empathize. Her intimate tone cuts deep and strikes unexpectedly - the music of her ensemble is full of warmth enchanting the listener spellbound by the sound right from the beginning.

Martina Eisenreich is accompanied by Wolfgang Lohmeier, the master of drums, cymbals and little bells, by Stephan Glaubitz at his strong and fierce double bass, and by Christoph Müller at his young and fresh acoustic guitar and an even more daring electric guitar. Good old friends have been invited as guests, for example Kiko Pedrozo, the harp specialist from South America - side by side with Evelyn Huber at the large classic concert harp, and Hansi Zeller at the accordion.

After the extraordinary success of her concert programs with "Wundergeige" and "Lauschgold" Martina Eisenreich - the red haired composer and violinist - now presents her new album - another milestone of individual and colorful sound poetry.

Priority is given to her personal compositions, for example the legend of the Moonman - also symphonically interpreted by the brilliant Deutsche Filmorchester Babelsberg with a prominent part on the CD heading all of a sudden around the corner like reggae in the drum fire. The quartet is thus always crossing the line between traditional and composed music. Everything is permitted: from strong and far reaching orchestral emotion up to the wildest folkloric resources of countries all over the world.