Quadro Nuevo
QN Grand Voyage


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Line up

  • Andreas Hinterseher (Akkordeon, Vibrandoneon)
  • D.D. Lowka (Kontrabass, Perkussion )
  • Evelyn Huber (Harfe, Salterio)
  • Mulo Francel (Saxophone, Klarinetten)


The members of the ensemble are Mulo Francel (saxophone, clarinet), Evelyn Huber (harp, salterio), Andreas Hinterseher (accordion Victoria, Modell XP 502, bandoneon, vibrandoneon) and D.D. Lowka (contrabass, percussion).
Tango, valse musette, flamenco, lovingly recreated film music and an Italy almost lost in time - since 1996 Quadro Nuevo has given over one thousand concerts all over Europe.
The four musician's venues are as diverse as their musical roots: The nostalgic-acoustic ensemble not only appears in concert halls and at festivals. The fervent virtuosi also travel around the Southern Mediterranean as street musicians inviting their audience to dance at night as a tango band.
The quartet's five albums were each presented with the German Jazz Award, an honour rarely bestowed, and climbed into the Top Ten of the Jazz and World Music charts.

On Tour

Quadro Nuevo