"Tango Bitter Sweet" - Quadro Nuevo

Quadro Nuevo
  • artist:Quadro Nuevo
  • release year:2006
  • style(s):Arabesk
  • country:Germany
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:GLM Music GmbH
  • label:Fine Music
  • publisher:GLM Music

Magnetic melodies from Europe – wild temper driven between eastern and western winds, between all-consuming desire and delightful gratification – between the bitter and the sweet.
This is the world of tango, played by Quadro Nuevo.
Long since, the instrumental quartet detected its very own kind of sound poetry, which eludes thinking in stereotypes.
Based on European formed tango Quadro Nuevo enriches this musical direction with elements of Flamenco, Valse Musette, Balkan swing, and an incomparable Mediterranean easiness.
On the current CD „tango bitter sweet“ European classics like „Petite Fleur“, „Tango Jalousie“ or the „Sabre Dance“ bloom in fresh, opalescent colours. Almost forgotten melodies touch the senses once more, let butterflies dance on the skin and send a yearning to the heart.
Electrifying originals mingle with it, telling about the roaming life of the four gambling virtuosi.
This CD again offers the distinctive Quadro Nuevo-sound:
Sensual like the summer nights at the Mediterranean Sea, stirring like passion, bitter-sweet like lovesickness.
Even songs from the seventies like Dalida´s „Paroles, Paroles“ or „L’été indien“ from Joe Dassin develop so much individuality that you won´t be able to elude.
The secret is devotion. Seldom one has experienced that music is performed with so much tension, verve, almost affectionate love for the instrument and empathy for foreign culture.
Many listeners succumbed to the charm of this music and bought such a large amount of the five CDs so far released that Quadro Nuevo have been awarded 14 Jazz Awards and five silver European Impala. In addition, the CDs were number one in the World Music-Charts and in the Top Ten of the Jazz Charts for weeks and managed to be in the Top 100 of the German Albumcharts.
The four musicians have been touring the countries of this world for ten years and performed about 1500 concerts up to now.
In 2005 Quadro Nuevo toured in Singapore, Korea, Canada, Australia and across Europe. The quartet played numerous famous festivals like the Montreal Jazz Festival, the International Jazz Week of Burghausen, the Rheingau Music Festival and the Meran Music Weeks.