Piotr Pucylo

artistic director


Piotr Pucylo is an international music industry professional with over 20 years experience in independent music and music events companies, working as a producer, organizer, booker, project coordinator, promoter or journalist and designer.

Co-founder and longtime artistic director of one of the first and the most important world music / folk labels in Poland – ORANGE WORLD RECORDS - releasing artists inspired by traditional cultures from Poland and from other parts of the world as Senegal, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Lebanon, Serbia, Israel, Iran.

As an exclusive distributor he was responsible for signing and supplying to Poland most of important international world music labels as Piranha, Stern's, Asphalt Tango or World Circuit.

He was also organizing in Gdynia a world music concerts series called ETNOSCENA presenting interesting world music / folk artists from all over the world. Later in 2005 he established GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival – now one of the biggest and best world music festivals in Poland – he is programming and artistic director of this exceptional event.

As a radio and press journalist he was working for Polish and international media.

He is also graphic designer – ethnic patterns and world music are the main themes appearing in his graphics. His works have been published and exhibited in Poland, Germany, Norway, France, Bulgaria, USA and UK. He has co-operated with many international artists.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2005
  • WOMEX 2000
  • WOMEX 1999
  • WOMEX 1998
  • WOMEX 1997
  • WOMEX 1995
  • WOMEX 1994