Budowitz Ensemble


Gramester Fun Der Khupe
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Line up

  • Christian Dawid (C-Clarinet, Baraban )
  • Cookie Segelstein (Violin)
  • Joshua Horowitz (Tsimbl, 19th Century Button Accordion)
  • Sándor D. Tóth (Three-string Bratsch (Viola), Baraban (Drum))
  • Tamás Gombai (Violin)
  • Zsolt Kürtösi (Three-string Bass, Three-string Cello)


Budowitz is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an explosion of rarities on a new live CD The new program and CD features a stunning array of pieces which showcases rare cross-cultural traditional folk music molded and reformed through the unique and personal Budowitz group style. Beside leading the pack with 19th Century musical traditions of the Ashkenazi Jews from the regions of Bessarabia, Galitsia and Bukovina and the music of its neighbors, this new program brings in never-before heard gems from each member of the group.