Deepak Ram
One Breath

Deepak Ram - bansuri
Pt. Anindo Chatterjee

Few living players of the bansuri coax such melodic joy from their instrument as the gifted Deepak Ram. On "One Breath", Deepak and accompanying tabla maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee perform three, brilliantly conceived ragas in North Indian Classical (Hindustani) style. With unified precision and balance the two delve deeply into highly formidable, richly liberating musical structures cultivated over centuries by successive master musicians - of whose legacy Ram and Chatterjee both share.

North Indian Classical Music

1 Raga Charukeshi 29:50
Gat: Rupak Tal(7)
Gat: Teental(16)

2 Raga Kalavati 20:30
Gat: Matta Tal(9)

3 Raga Mishra Shivranjani 10:01
Dhun: Keherwa Tal(8)

Recorded at Conscious Sound Productions, San Rafael, California, by Robin Livingston Mixed at Q Division, Somerville Massachusetts by Kris Smith