Dem Bu Dem
  • country:Türkiye
  • style(s):Classical, Turkish
  • label:Golden Horn Records
  • artist posted by:Golden Horn Records


Members of Dem Bu Dem are:

R. Hakan Talu – tanbur (long necked lute)
Salih Bilgin – ney (reed flute)
Cengiz Onural – kemenche (3-stringed violin, played upright)
Serhat Sarpel – percussions and vocals

Four of Turkey's most outstanding Sufi musicians comprise
Ensemble Dem Bu Dem. This ensemble is an off-spring of
The Istanbul Music and Sema (Whirling Dervishes) Ensemble
which was founded by R. Hakan Talu, Serhat Sarpel and
Nadir Karnibüyükler. While members of Dem Bu Dem
normally accompany Whirling Dervishes during Sema
ceremonies, during this tour, they will be performing Mevlevi
Sufi Music and from traditional repertoire, without the

The Mevlevi tradition of Sufism has for seven centuries
integrated spiritual practice with artistic expression. And the
primary purpose of Dem Bu Dem is to present this musical
aspect with engaging performances that closely adhere to
historical tradition. Concerts feature an immersion in the
mystical music of Sufism as musicians perform examples of
ilahis (hymns), ayins (ceremonial music), taksims
(improvisations), and zikr (chant). Repertoire features many
religious and non-religious pieces by important Turkish music
composers and by Ottoman composers of the 16th, 17th and
18th century.

The musicians who make up the group have combined these
traditional forms of music and ceremony for many years in
concerts in Turkey and many cities of the world including over
70 performances in the United States. Their efforts have
enabled Sufi culture and message to spread internationally, and
after each performance they have received the appreciation of
music lovers who have been touched by what they have