"Music for Shows" - Yannis Saoulis

Yannis Saoulis
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Music for the Theatre play Troilus and Kresseda
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  • artist:Yannis Saoulis
  • featured artist:Yannis Saoulis
  • region:Thessaloniki
  • release year:2014
  • style(s):Greek
  • country:Greece
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:Goldistor Ltd
  • label:Easterngate
  • publisher:Goldistor Ltd
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2 Cd album packaged in a 6 pages digipack. Total number of tracks 53. Texts are written in English. Released in 2014.
Style: Soundtracks of three moovies and a theatre play composed by Yannis Saoulis.