Colores de casa

Colores de casa


Live performance
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  • country:Mexico
  • region:Central America
  • style(s):Afrobeat, House
  • label:not signed
  • type:DJ/Remixer, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:electronic, percussion, visual
  • artist posted by:Grace Music

Line up

  • Ana Sofía Polo González (Dancer, performing artist, visual designer)
  • George Valdez (Dancer, performing artist, dj)
  • Santiago González Armijo (percussionist, drummer, music producer)


"Colores de casa" is a multidisciplinary scenic fiction of music and dance House-Afrojarocho that imagines the Mexican folk culture hybridized in the last two beings of the territory. The constant communication they have with the sound of the earth guides them to the place that will become their new home. In the journey, new sounds, other colors and forms of life are added, with which they recognize their survival. With gratitude, they place their seeds in order to coexist "all colors in one house".

In a nutshell: dance and electronic music with the colors of home (México). Winners of the “Duo theatre competition” at the International Festival “Summer Dance Forever Amsterdam 2021”.