Grappa Musikkforlag

Umbrella company for the esteemed record labels Heilo Records and Hubro. Grappa Musikkforlag is the biggest independent record company in Norway.

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Heilo is a record company that reflects the main currents in contemporary Nordic folk and traditional music today. Established in 1979, as the oldest Norwegian record company dedicated to the genre, Heilo has showcased the fast- paced development of Nordic folk and traditional music for over 40 years.

Hubro is a record label dedicated to releasing music from the vital Norwegian jazz and improvised music scene. We cherish the album as a physical object. All releases come with exclusive design by the very talented design group Yokoland.



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"Ingen mere gråter" - Ævestaden

"Studio Intim Sessions vol. 1" - Geir Sundstøl

"Horta" - Akselsen/Kvernberg/Carstensen

"Call Home" - Buster Sledge

"Tre danser" - Gangar

"Andsyning" - Helga Myhr