• country:Netherlands
  • style(s):Balkan, Klezmer
  • label:3S Music Productions
  • type:Band, Large Ensemble
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, brass, dance orchestra, guitar
  • artist posted by:GRIOT GmbH


Starting twenty years ago as a group of buskers playing traditional Yiddish party music on the streets, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band has evolved into an internationally celebrated band with a rock solid live reputation. The AKB reenergizes the sound of Klezmer by casually throwing contemporary styles and techniques into the mix. The band keeps traditional music fresh, urgent and very danceable. Audiences all over the world love it, and The Magnificent Seven of Klezmer unleash a dance party wherever they take the stage.

The AKB is both streetwise and classically trained. The seven band members embody the spiritual kindred of the klezmorim: the professional Jewish musicians who travelled across Eastern Europe two centuries ago. However, the band is not dogmatic or limited by traditions and expectations. The AKB embraces the most diverse musical styles and cultures as they go along. Influences from jazz, ska, dance or hip-hop fall effortlessly into place. The result is a distinctive breed of progressive Klezmer music, in which the Amsterdam spirit of freedom and tolerance is always present. Today, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band is busier and more successful than ever. The twentieth anniversary of the band was celebrated in 2016 with their new album "Oyoyoy", full of brand new catchy Klezzics.