Eneida Marta
Eneida Marta - IBRA crdits: Bruno Oliveira


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Eneida Marta's 4thalbum is called “IBRA” - a tribute to Guinean musician Ibrahim Galissa, who was a master of the kora and died this year. He was Eneida’s favourite musician. Eneida Marta said: "my album “IBRA” is a tribute to a musician who was always with me, throughout my career “IBRAHIMA GALISSA” who has very sadly died, leaving a huge void within me, and in my band. I hope people one day look back and remember this record as one that touched upon one of the most sensitive subjects in our society “CHILD ABANDONMENT”, but above all, I want it to be the record that makes the memory of IBRAH GALISSA truly immortal.

My producer and I were completely in synch with each other! It made the work a whole lot easier. There were also two guest appearances, one from Guinean music icon ZÉ MANEL and another from artist MISSY BITY. I think the big difference between this record and the others is that this one mixes traditional acoustic sounds with more electronic sounds, making it a very comprehensive album in terms of artistic approach and sound. I would like people to hear this IBRAH of mine, which is yours too, with an open heart,” Eneida Marta.

The production of “IBRA” got the approval of producer, ATHANASE KOUDOU, from Abidjan, who has worked with some of the biggest names in African music, such as SALIF KEITA, MONIQUE SEKA and RICHARD BONA.