Independent Music Fair

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The 1st Independent Music Fair (IMF) was held at the Cláudio Santoro National Theater, in April, 2005, with the objective of strengthening the relationship of artists and musicians with the phonographic industry and contributing to the reordering and updating of the legal production and commercialization processes of independent art in music.

The format of the fair covered the national and international markets, with shows in the Villa Lobos and Martins Penna halls. The fair itself, set up in the external area, was named Arena-Petrobrás, and had booths with record companies, cd sales, books, software, and magazines.

In three years it has become an international business forum and an exchange of experiences between independents from the most varied levels of the music production chain and music genres. Among the countries that were present were France, Uzbekistan, England, Belgium, and Cape Verde.

The FMI was sponsored by Petrobrás and partners such as Itaú Cultural, SESC, and SEBRAE Nacional.

The strategy to organize the FMI was based on five objectives: exhibition and commercialization; entertainment; discovery and preservation of artistic quality, innovative solutions, and exchanges.

article posted by:Gustavo Vasconcellos, GRV Música Media & Entretenimento