Music Pro Awards honors Chico Science

Chico Science at the MPA


A beutfiful statement that Chico Science's daughter, Louise, gave to the MPA to honor her father.
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The 1st honoree of the 7th edition of the Music Professionals Awards is announced. Long live Chico Science!

Brasília, August 31, 2022.

As announced in our calendar, here we are, proudly, to announce with the beautiful statement of his daughter Louise, the 1st person to be honored on the 7th edition of the Professionals of Music Award.

Since the first edition, we have honored three figures of the music of this country, representing the categories of our three modalities: creation, production and convergence.
In this edition, we added the Education modality, and because of this, we celebrate 4 people who collaborated and continue to enlighten and contribute to a better world.

"We have a country to rebuild. Viva a Cultura Popular” is the slogan of the 7th edition. From this, we chose the honorees of this edition and that will also guide the construction of the artistic, capacitive, visual, sound and sensorial programming.

Representing the 84 categories of the Creation modality: Viva Chico Science.

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Gustavo Vasconcellos.

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