Gulaza - Secret Women Songs From Yemem - Sung by a Man

Gulaza reveals Yemenite women’s hidden universe to the world.

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“Liberating women’s hidden world to the world’s stages”
For the first time, an Israeli man singer, sings Yemen Women Songs in Arabic.

After taking over the world by storm with its repertoire of Yemenite women’s songs sung by a man, Gulaza will continue to mesmerise us all at WOMEX 2018.

Breaking ethnical and musical boundaries has become second nature for Gulaza.
Using theatrical and ceremonial elements, Gulaza revives and revamps ancient Jewish Yemenite women’s songs, offering the audience a phenomenal aural and visual experience.
Mystical texts that for centuries were handed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation, acquire a contemporary interpretation in a memorable instrumental composition.

Through Igal Gulaza Mizrachi’s sultry performance and a unique combination of instruments, the audience is cast into a entrancing world of prayer, passion, dance, love and longing for freedom. There is no doubt about it — Gulaza will continue to leave audiences in awe throughout the world, as it has done so far.

Igal Gulaza Mizrahi - vocals & percussion
Leat Sabbah - cello
Yair Hashahar - guitars
David Dagmi - Jumbush & percussion

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