Babra Band


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Line up

  • BABCSÁN Bence  ( tambura, wind instruments, vocal)
  • KOLLER Dániel  (tamburas, vocal)
  • POZSONYI Dávid (tamburas percussion, vocal)
  • RÉTI Benedek  (accordion)
  • VARGA Veronika (double bass, vocal)


Since 2014, Budapest-based band Babra have been researching and reviving the almost-forgotten traditional music of South Slavic minorities along the Danube, and interpreting it in a suitably celebratory style, featuring the traditional plucked string instruments called tamburitza along with distinctive polyphonic singing. They place this repertoire alongside Macedonian and Serbian styles, expanding the sound palette with accordion, clarinet and percussion. The five band members are connected to these traditions through both family ties and a shared passion, and are dedicated to the creation of new musical forms that resonate in the here and now, while conserving the authenticity and the spirit of the traditional music, which, after all, is to enhance and provide joy to the lives of those who embrace it.