Enikő Szabó and Orchestra

Enikő Szabó and Orchestra
Szabó Enikő
Szabó Enikő
Szabó Enikő and Orchestra


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Line up

  • Csernók Klára (viola, voice)
  • Kisgyőri Krisztián (contrabass, voice)
  • Könczöl János (guitar)
  • Molnár Mátyás (percussions)
  • P. Szabó Dániel (dulcimer)
  • Szabó Enikő (voice, lyrics)


Eniko Szabo and her band spices up Hungary's musical palette. Eniko showed her talents while performing with well-known artists such as Kálmán Balogh dulcimer player, the Elemer Balazs Group, Ökrös Band, the Honvéd Art Ensemble, Bela Agoston, the Tabulatura Ancient Music Ensemble, Pearly Clouds and Gary Lucas. Their debut album consists of folk and folk-inspired world music with masterly orchestrated authentic folk instruments such as the violin, the viola, dulcimer but also guitar, percussion and double-bass. The captivating atmosphere of this unique music is interesting both for folk music fans and modern urban music lovers.

The album includes original compositions and traditional folk song arrangements. Listening to it can recall the unforgettable atmosphere of Eniko Szabo and her band’s live gigs, which is the real strength of the band. They love to play live and therefore on their concerts anyone can experience the exceptional mood, but beware: once one gets the taste of it, he can easily become addicted! They regularly have concerts in Hungary and abroad.