Tarsoly band
Tarsoly band


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Line up

  • BENCZE Mátyás (violin)
  • BÖRÖCZ Balázs (viola)
  • HORNICH Thomas (contrabass)
  • JOBBÁGY Bence (dulcimer)
  • MARGETÁN Máté (wind instruments)
  • TÖRÖK-ÁBRAHÁM Brigitta (voice)


Tarsoly Band is composed of 23-28-year-old young musicians. Since some of our members come from the region along the Galga river, the folk music of this region became the starting point of our common work but other dialects of the Hungarian-speaking territory are also represented in our repertoire. Besides other national awards, in 2011 we came in fourth place out of 50 contestants at the Folkbeats talent show. In 2012-13 we played for the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble on its guest performances. In 2012 our cooperation with the river cruising company Avalon Waterways developed a new side of the band. In 2013 we got into the semi-final of the television folk talent show called “Fölszállott a Páva”. Besides having concerts as a music band, we provide music accompaniment to folk dance ensembles – we have successfully worked with Szilas and Bartina Folk Dance Ensembles on a number of occasions. In 2016, we won an award of excellence at the Folkdance Festival of Szekszárd. Our aim is to let people know and become fond of the traditional cultural heritage in Hungary and abroad. We are devoted to continuing to build a good reputation of Hungarian culture in Europe and beyond.