Zagva Banda
Zagyva banda
Zagyva banda
Zagyva banda

Line up

  • BODA Gellért (violin)
  • BODA Márton (contrabass)
  • KÁDÁR Ignác (accordion, gardon, vocals)
  • KASZAI Lili (vocals)
  • MUCSINYI Dániel (wind instruments)
  • SZABÓ András (viola)
  • TÓTH Sebestyén (dulcimer)


Folk music is not only an unrivalled treasure that is to be preserved, but also a living form of entertainment, and it is a guilt not to make use of it.

Over the past fifteen years, Zagyva Banda has become a decisive representative of the Hungarian táncház movement. The band has been brought up with the Táncház Method, which is recognized by UNESCO. Zagyva is currently one the most active folk music bands in Hungary.

They play authentic folk music from the Carpathian Basin, but they also deal with the culture of other nationalities living in the area. They are especially solicitous for cultivating the traditions of the Galga river’s region, since the members’ family roots stem from here.