Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда

Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда
Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда
Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда
Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда
Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда


"The Girl Walked". Taken from late Wiera Grygoruk, Husaki (n. Bielsk Podlaski)
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  • country:Belarus, Republic of
  • region:Warsaw
  • style(s):Traditional, Tradimodern
  • label:Karrot Kommando
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, Big Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, string, singer songwriter, dance orchestra, unplugged
  • artist posted by:Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда

Line up

  • Daria Butskaya (violin, voice)
  • Kasia Dudziak (violin, voice)
  • Kuba Zimończyk (three-row accordion )
  • Mateusz Dobrowolski (frame drum)
  • Nika Jurczuk (violin, voice )
  • Paweł Iwan (hammered dulcimer, voice)


Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда is a Polish-Belarusian band, performing traditional dances and songs from western Belarus, eastern Poland's Podlasie and Polesye.
In May 2022, the group won the Audience Award, 3rd jury’s prize and the Szczecin’s Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Award during the 24th Polish Radio Folk Festival "New Tradition".
The band's repertoire: songs and dances (polka, oberek, tango, waltz and many more) from both sides of the Białowieża Forest are performed with youthful energy and artistic finesse taken from the old masters of rural music.
The group's debut album gathered the financial support from more than 100 fans via a crowdfunding campaign and will be released in Autumn 2022.