Bal des Boiteux

Bal des Boiteux
  • country:Belgium
  • style(s):Experimental, Folk
  • label:HA'Records
  • artist submitted by:Handelsbeurs


> bal des boiteux - ball of the limping

bal des boiteux is an (instru)mental band. it works like a lab where four musicians/composers try to distillate a group sound out of their different musical backgrounds. this might explain the excessive amounts of information and musical relations, and the unavoidable use of clichés in the repertoire. to put it in more understandable words : bdb investigates the effect of a dense mix of pop, folk and jazz on people and smaller animals.

> bal des boiteux are

jeroen baert : violin
joris blanckaert : accordions
lieven nijs : guitars & bagpipe
tim vandenbergh : double bass