Both – Dongó Duo

Both – Dongó Duo


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  • country:Hungary
  • label:FolkEurópa
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Hangveto

Line up

  • Balázs Szokolay (Saxophone, Flute and other wind instruments)
  • Miklós Both  (Solo Guitar)


Wednesday 26/10/11 20:00 | Koncerthuset: Studio 1

The cimbalom's wide compass provides a perfect harmonic foundation for many innovative soloists. The Both-Dongo Duo combines ancient and modern, putting a paprika kick into folklore with their rock-spiced pairing with a mix of subtlety and flamboyance. Balazs 'Dongo' Szokolay has supplied drones and flights of fancy to Hungarian folk and world music bands for over 20 years, more recently enriching concerts by Marta Sebestyen and Bea Palya. Equally at home on bagpipes, flute, tarogato or saxophone, Dongo keeps traditions or uses folk-inspired improvisations to evoke contemporary atmospheres. The progressive sound that Miklos Both wields from his guitars is deeply rooted in the folk heritage. He emerged on the Budapest underground scene with Barbaro and VHK and he has established himself with vocal/guitar duties in Napra, whose debut brought accolades in world music circles.