Söndörgö & Ferus Mustafov

Söndörgö & Ferus Mustafov
Söndörgő and Ferus Mustafov on stage, Queen Elizabeth Hall


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  • country:Serbia
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Balkan
  • label:self managed
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Hangveto

Line up

  • Ágnes Herczku (guest) (vocal)
  • Áron Eredics (tarabuka, alt tambura)
  • Attila Buzás (bass tambura)
  • Benjamin Eredics (tambura)
  • Dávid Eredics (clarinet, saxophone, alt tambura)
  • Ferus Mustafov (clarinet, saxophone, bagpipes)
  • Salamon Eredics (accordion, alt tambura)


Among world music groups in Hungary, Sondorgo is one of those playing most briskly, most vigorously. Their aim is to foster and preserve ample Southern Slavic traditions. In Hungary, Southern Slavs live in groups rather isolated from each other, thus ethnic heritage treasured and maintained by them is quite multicolored.
The group was founded in 1995 in a small Hungarian town called Szentendre. Eredics brothers got acquainted, and started to play music together with Attila Buzas during their high-school years. Partly because of family motives, all group members are profoundly touched by, and drawn towards Southern Slavic folk music, which they consider it their mission to arrange in style, and perform on stage.
As opposed to most groups playing Balkan music, Sondorgo does not follow the brass-instrumented tradition it is a typical tambur band. Their sound is based on the instruments of the tambur family, completed occasionally by wind instruments and accordion. Sondorgo's repertoire is compiled out of the material gathered by Bela Bartok, and Tihamer Vujicsics.
From 1998, the members of the group had trained at Budakalasz Music School under the guidance of Gabor Eredics, and later had been learning folk music at Secondary School of Music at Vac.
In 2000 the band won first prize at Hungarian State Radio's 2nd Contest in Folk Music. In 2002 they started the annual Sondorgo Festival which, after a few years of success, discontinued. With the purpose of making Southern Slavic culture be known as widely as possible, in 2003 the members founded Sondorgo Association.
Sondorgo could be seen at one of Budapest's landmark theaters, Vigszinhaz, in Leo Tolstoy's/Mark Rozovsky's play A Story of a Horse, and Gyoergy Szomjas's film Vagabond.
On their 2006 album, Oj Javore, Marta Sebestyen, the most well-known Hungarian folk singer made a guest appearance.
In 2007, soloist of the band, Salamon Eredics had the honor to perform as the partner of pianist Zoltan Kocsis when recording Complete Works of Bela Bartok.
Being a constant performer of festivals in Hungary, Sondorgo has also given a concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. They repeatedly have worked together with the famous Macedonian saxophonist, Ferus Mustafov fruit of this collaboration is their joint 2009 album, In concert.