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  • country:Hungary
  • region:Central Europe
  • style(s):Roots, Traditional
  • label:FolkEuropa
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Hangveto

Line up

  • András Lelkes (double bass)
  • Attila Halmos (viloin, vocals)
  • Barbara Baranyai (dance)
  • Endre Liber (cimbalom, viola)
  • Gergely Koncz (violin)
  • Ignác Kádár (vocals, dance)
  • Péter Árendás (viola)


Wednesday 26/10/11 20:00 | Koncerthuset: Studio 1

Tuekroes employ a familiar Hungarian folk formation of violins, violas and double-bass to explore the rich variety of village music found in Hungary and the immediate vicinity. Music once played an integral role in everyday life, accompanying all village events such as weddings, funerals, christenings and seasonal celebrations, and Tuekroes seek out areas where customs and oral traditions endure to learn directly from local sources. The band study from surviving heritage holders and use the treasury of historical recordings amassed by collectors, and also maintain the living tradition by performing regularly at Tanchaz (Dance Houses) and camps, holding their own Tuekroes Tabor (Camp) every summer to teach music and dance to younger generations. Their latest release, Our Transylvanian Heath, highlights the beauty, power and dynamism of diverse playing styles, vocal melodies and dance rhythms which they perform at concerts and festivals at home and abroad.