Tüz Lángja


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  • country:Hungary
  • region:Eastern Europe
  • style(s):Traditional, World
  • label:Hangveto
  • type:Band, Solo
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Hangveto

Line up

  • Csernók Klára  (fiddle)
  • Kiss Krisztián (koboz, flute, kaval)
  • Korzenszky Klára  (vocals)
  • Novák Csaba (guest musician) (double bass)
  • Porteleki Áron (drums, three-stringed viola)
  • Salamon Soma  (flute, kaval, accordion)
  • Zimber Ferenc (cimbalom)


Ever since the Tuz Langja band was founded in 2003 (by two young musicians, from Tordas, Hungary: Soma Salamon and Krisztian Kiss) it had one main aim: to represent the musical tradition of the moldavian csango-hungarians authentically and in adaptions as well. The csangos live in the Eastern region of Romania, surrounded by romanian people, so this is the music, where, east meets west. The crazy balkan dance melodies meet, with the most archaic, and ancient kind of hungarian vocal and instrumental tradition. The members are experienced folk musicians at this genre, with wide knowledge about another music types, and with this knowledge, our issue is the finest world music, with strong, and sensible roots from the world of folk.

In Hungary, the band is widely known not just for its world music adaptions processing but also for its true cultivation for the Moldavian traditional folk music.
In other countries either a festival in Spain or in Great Britain , a world or jazz event , the auidence is always cheerful for the Tuz Langja band's uniqe, and fascinating style of rythm and sound.
The new album "Tovafele" released in 2010 which embraces the band's most beloved songs.

So How can the archaic vocal, and dance culture of the csangos can be harmonize, with the recent musical style elements, from blues, manouche jazz? The answer can be found with the Tuz Langja band