• country:Cape Verde
  • label:not signed
  • artist posted by:Harmonia Lda


Over the past decade, Neuza has established herself as one of the foremost singers of the soaring sounds of talaia baxo and rabolo, the rhythms native to the volcanic island of Fogo in Cabo Verde. The daughter of a singer who died of cancer when Nueza was five, she was discovered when her restaurant co-workers overheard her singing and encouraged her to take it further. She did and her 2014 debut ''Flor Di Bila'' brought her international attention with her YouTube videos clocking up millions of views. Her 2020 single, No Cancer, was released to promote the founding of her Izilda Foundation to support families affected by the disease. Splitting her time between the US and Cabo Verde, Neuza has toured Europe and has performed at South by Southwest and the Lowell Folk festival.