Romain Baudoin solo "Arrehar"

flyer Romain Baudoin solo
Romain Baudoin

Artús member, Romain Baudoin used to play with "Torrom Borrom" since 7 years, hybrid instrument he imagined and created, half hurdy-gurdy and half electric guitar : Kind of drone noise, closed to desert rock, shamanic & mystic, on a first record "1 Primate". Didier Petit and his famous european label "In Situ" ordered a new record from Romain. After this first record showing the possibilities of this Chimera instrument, the second one is the opportunity to push experimentations and research : "BESTIARI".

But 5 years ago, Romain bought a traditionnal hurdy-gurdy, made in 1930 in Jenzat, Allier area, France, made by a well-known instrument maker called « Pimpare cousin », with an incredible play quality and a full sound, like old hurdy-gurdies. The so-called simplicity seems to Romain at the opposite of contemporaries hurdy-gurdies, but it's the starting point. He works on this idea : Can we invent others play forms on this instrument, totally backward flow with actual practice ? In the same time, he works on the origins of hurdy-gurdy practice in "Landes" (south west France), with sonic and written documents via families and public collections like « la mission Landes du musée des arts et traditions populaires » ("Landes task of art museum et popular traditions").
The "ARREHAR" ("back to the roots") project was born.

article posted by:Julien Dufourg, Hart Brut