"Infinite Chase" - Haz’art Trio

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    Haz'art Trio
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    North Africa
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    • Arabic
    • Jazz
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    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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    Muse Alliance

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SWR2 Cluster 14.März – Martin Hagen

Orient meets Occident – the beginning of a personal and musical friendship. And you can hear it in every bar of their music.

Concerto 1.April 2017 - Christian Bakonyi

The three musicians are together in perfect harmony, they set out for a musical path that no one took before, the path of a real oud jazz trio.

BR2 1.Apri 2017 – Cornelia Zetzschke

The incredible diverse, surprising album “Infinite Chase” brings the medieval oud into the present.

Soultrain 26.Mai 2017 – Gregor Poschorek

This album lights the inner cinema as if there were no tomorrow. An epic image about interhuman relation, adventure and the great unkown.


Haz’art Trio


Track List

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Whispered Words

Maybe the most jazzy track and the opener of our new record "Infinite Chase".



This track shows the beautiful combination of live-electronics and traditional arabic melodies.


Keep It Secret!

In this song we take you on a journey going from minimalistic unisono lines through electro-acoustic rhythms and end up heavy rock beats..


The Punchy F

The Punchy F is a totally free improvised piece and shows the open minded spirit of Haz'art Trio combined with the power the moment.


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Hazart Trio - Infinite Chase- Album Out March 2017

Teaser Album Release 2017

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