Congreso playing with the brazilian music Lenine
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Congreso on TV concert
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  • country:Chile
  • region:South America
  • style(s):Fusion, World
  • label:MACHI
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:HB Group Ltda.

Line up

  • Federico Faure (Electrict & double bass)
  • Francisco Sazo (Vocal & Lyrics)
  • Hugo Pirovich (Flute, Saxo, and etnic instruments)
  • Jaime Atenas (Saxos & Flutes)
  • Raúl Aliaga (Percussions)
  • Sebastián Almarza (Piano & Keyboards)
  • Sergio Tilo Gonzalez (Drums & Songwriter)


Congreso is one of the most relevant Chilean band with 40 years old through the world.

Talk of landscapes or places that are present in the work of Congress is a difficult task. You could say that the entire length of Chile is walking through his music, never stoping to surprise, from the highlands multitonal of the North, big cities such as Santiago and Valparaiso, forests and lakes in the South to the vast Patagonia, music always finds a home.

These views and these sites are visited by the music and allowed to enter through the songs, the words, mixes; become voices, rhythms, sounds, forcing us to listen and discover.

Its beginnings are for the years 69-70 in Quilpue city: since then Congress has developed in the search for a new language for the expression of popular Latin American music, combining ethnic elements with shapes and styles of contemporary trends.

His discography consists of 19 albums, in 1988 reaching gold record for sales, plus glowing reviews for the delicate fusion in their music. In 1992, two important musical works, the first reference to the extinction of Patagonics ethnia "The Fire of Ice" with music for ballet premiered by the Ballet of Santiago in the Teatro Municipal of Santiago of Chile, work also shown in the Italica Festival (Seville, Spain), and the Budapest Opera. The second work was done together with the National anti-poet Nicanor Parra "The Pichanga" based on the international convention for the Child rights, which involve institutions such as UNICEF, Raddabarnen (Sweden), Terranova (Italy) and the Educational Ministry in Chile.

Toured the country and abroad have allowed to share the stage with such artists as Peter Gabriel, Sting, Ruben Blades, Mercedes Sosa, Milton Nascimento, Ed Motta and Lenine. Participated in events such as Amnesty International, Chile, Expo-Sevilla (Spain), Latin American Music Festival, Paris, (France), in the Opening Ceremony of the Latin American Parliament in Sao Paulo (Brazil), International Festival of the Arts of Sucre (Bolivia), Montreal and Toronto Festivals (Canada), World's Fair in Lisbon (Portugal), Opera Theatre in Cologne (Germany) in December 2001 involved in the cultural market "Strictly Mundial" in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), where they got an excellent reception by the public and producers, being selected from 600 groups to participate in the International Arts Project, which allowed him to tour in February 2003 to USA Northern Area presenting the last of her repertoire in cities like Helena, Montana, Lincoln, Nebraska, San Antonio, Texas, Berkeley, San Francisco, New Orleans, Louisiana.

His latest album, Eyes on the street, recorded and released in 2010 invited the Brazilian Ed Motta and Lenine to cellebrate 40 years of uninterrupted success, had also with symphonyc concerts at the Teatro Municipal of Santiago and the wonderful Ruins of Huanchaca in Antofagasta (Chile).


1971: Receiving an award at the Chilean New Song, at the Teatro Municipal of Santiago.

1982: Group of the Year, Premiere Magazine, La Tercera newspaper.

1985: Prize in the International Year of Youth, awarded by their home town, Quilpue.

1987: Best of '87 Award, held at the Teatro Cariola, organized by Radio Umbral.

1988: Disco de Oro by "Arqueologos del Futuro".

1989: Best Musical Group, APES Award.

1990: Nominated for Best Group and Album of the Year (APES).

1990: Golden Laurel, Best Musical Group.

1991: Best Video Clip Award APES.

1991: Silver Gull as the best national band in the XXXII Vina del Mar Festival, Chile.

1992: "Aire Puro" in first place in September and October, fifth in the Top 30 of the Radio America in Paris.

1994 Recognition of the Chilean government through the Ministry of Education, as the Rock Group with the best path.

2001: Gold Medal in recognition of his career in the House of Deputies of Chile, delivered at the plenary of the parliament's National Congress in Valparaiso, Chile. (2001)

2002: UNICEF Prize awarded by the National Music Council of Chile.

2004: Winner for Award Altazor genre "Alternative Music - Jazz" from the album "Congreso de Exportacion."