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  • country:Chile
  • region:South America
  • style(s):Jazz, Rock
  • label:Independent
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:HB Group Ltda.

Line up

  • Arlette Jequier (Vocals & Clarinet)
  • Cristián Crisosto (Soprano, Alto, Baritone Sax; Traverse; Composer)
  • Felipe Muñoz (Keyboards)
  • Jaime Vásquez (Tenor, Alto Sax, Traverse flute)
  • Jorge Campos (Electric Bass & Guitar; Composer)
  • Raúl Aliaga (Drums & Percussion)

Fulano has been considered the top Chilean jazz rock band and an important pillar in modern experimental music of Latin American.

Fulano The Band, was created on 1984 in Santiago, Chile by a group of friends and musicians with an uncontrollable wish to create , compose, study, experiment and improvise. Very soon they came up with the Fulano Sound, with a very simple aesthetic premise, which was the game, and the conjugation of the verb surprise, I surprise you, you surprise me, we surprise each other.

Then with an unusual dedication, this abstraction of the beggining was transformed into music that defines their perception of anger and pain, of irreverence and irony, of rebellion against the system and all forms of power, finally the exquisite taste of the counterculture in the midst of the horrors of the dictatorship in Chile.

Fulano, their debut album was released on 1987, as soon as it came out the band ended the frame of being an elite group and was projected to a more heterogeneous audience without age limits.

On 1989 the band comes out with a second recording En el Bunker, a double album with more than 100 minutes of an incredible display of musical virtuosism and quality, together with their satirical lyrics, established the band as one of the best jazz-fusion of South America. With this work the band won the Apes (Entertainment Journalists Association of Chile) award in the category "Contribution to Jazz" and Radio Concierto awarded the prize for "Best Rock Group of 1989."

On 1990 the band plays the Festival Jazz Plaza in Havana Cuba, and started recording their third album that was released on 1993 under the name El Infierno de los payasos, with a video clip of the song Lamentos.

The following year, (1994) they gave a concert with Hermeto Pascoal at the Teatro Municipal de Vina del Mar and in October the same year, celebrated 10 years of career in a large multi artistic concert at Teatro Universidad de Chile.

After a short recess the band recorded on 1997 their first independent album, Trabajos Inutiles, also distributed worldwide by RecordRunner.

On 2002 they play at the Festival de Jazz de Cordova in Argentina.They continue touring and playing big shows around the country until 2003, just before releasing their first Live Album the pianist of the band Jaime Vivanco passed away, the band decided to stop plans and agenda.

The Live album was released on 2004 as a homage to Jaime Vivanco and was titled VIVO.

During 2009 Fulano started rehearsing again, a few years after the sad departure of a dear friend it is time to continue with a powerful musical project around the world.

In 2009 they returned with 2 sold out concerts at Teatro Oriente in Santiago, Chile. In this concert they recorded a Live DVD which will be released during 2011.

They 've been touring the country and in 2010 they travelled and played various cities in Mexico.

Among the projects is a Live double cd of their second album En el Bunker, 100 minutes of music, recorded at the 20th anniversary concert of this album.