• country:Jamaica
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Reggae
  • label:not signed
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:Headline Entertainment


Over the years the parish of Clarendon on the island of Jamaica has produced a long list of outstanding Reggae artistes namely; Everton Blender, Coco Tea, Freddie McGregor and Derrick Morgan. Today we see another young, vibrant and unique Reggae artiste emerge from this very parish, his mother calls him Byiome Muir, an African name which means strong, but the world will come to know him as I-Octane.
Encouraged by his friends to take his talent more seriously he gave a scorching performance at a concert held in his home parish in Sandy Bay, after which he was approached by a producer who convinced him to get into the business. He gave this some serious thought and made some inquiries for himself before giving in to his gut feeling of making music a lifetime career. His first objective was to find a suitable name for himself, a name that represented his high energy performance and consistency and he fell in love with a slogan from an ad used by a major company in Jamaica to promote its gasoline product, “high octane”. Its’ concept suited him well so he made a few changes and came up with the name I-Octane.

2010 began with a boom for the Reggae crusader, he is on the ball as he performed on Pepsi Rebel Salute at wee hours of the morning with Venue still full to capacity when he devastated the show and have the patrons rocking and singing with hands in d air and blazing torches. I- Octane was being sought by all local promoters, he got booked for his first 18 city tour of Europe.
The artiste was also nominated in four different categories for the prestigious local 2010 Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards. His music can be heard in every crevice and corner of the island, from blaring speaker boxes in inner city communities to the heart of Upper St. Andrew among the elite, this young Clarendonian Reggae Stalwart has certainly followed the footsteps of his predecessors and has become a staple within the local industry His music is quickly spreading across all boundaries where Reggae music is loved and appreciated. I-Octane is energy that knows no bound, “high energy, high performance”