Tifa premieres videos

Deejay Tifa premiered the video for her songs 'Nah Stop Shine' and 'Move Yuh Body' on Wednesday at the New Quad.

Produced by Dexter '3D' Pottinger, the video was shot weeks ago in Portmore and at the Lucky 38 Club on Old Hope Road. This is the first video the young deejay has done since the premiere of her Certified Divas alongside Tami Chynn. The stars came out to watch the premiere of the video, as THE STAR spotted members of Ward 21, Natalie Storm, Keida, Tami Chynn, Coppershot, ZJ Chrome, Boyd (of Alric and Boyd), Craig from Voicemail, Shady Squad dancers among others.

represented different sides

Tifa said the video was done because it represented different sides of her musical style. Nah Stop Shine is on the 'Mento' rhythm from Fedda Weight Productions and talks about the haters who won't stop her shine while Move Yuh Body on ZJ Chrome's 'Smokin' rhythm is more of a dance song for the ladies. In the video, cameos were made from ZJ Chrome, Ward 21, Natalie Storm, Mystic, T.O.K, ZJ's Wah Wah and Bambino, among others.

According to Tifa, she has more songs coming out in the near future, including Give A Little Bun on the 'Gal Segment' rhythm from Ballaz, Sticky Stucky from Jah Snow Cone and No Push Over on the 'Brain Freeze' rhythm

article posted by:Jerome O Hamilton, Headline Entertainment