Founded in 2004, Hélico is a record label, a booking agency, and also a music publishing company.

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World Music agency based in Paris.
Booking & developpement of artists, specialised on Brazilian music but enlarging to Africain music and Indian Ocean

Founded in 2004 by Valentin Langlois, Soraya Camillo and Regina del Papa, Helico is a booking agency, label and a publisher.

2005: Helico started the promotion of its own artists but also other labels productions.

2006: Helico started booking its own artists

2008: Helico was proud to present its first show case at Womex (RAMIRO MUSOTTO).

2009: we started to work for artists who were not first produced by us (Casuarina, Lindigo).

2010: Helico was proud to present Damily Show case. Amelie Salembier joined our team and opened our catalogue to sacred music and mediterranean artists.

2011: Lindigo joined Helico Records, and we produced "Creol Cousin", documentary directed by Laurent Benhamou. Helico was proud to present Baianasystem at Womex.

2012: Helico released "Maloya Power" Lindigo's album, and was proud to present Lindigo at Womex.

2013: Valentin Langlois is Samourai. Johanna Tzipkine joined the team Helico as a booking agent. Djé Baléti, Nëggus & Kungobram and Renata Rosa joined our catalogue.

2014 : Lindigo releases a new album, as well as Renata Rosa. 2 of our great artists.

2015 : Tiganá Santana joined Helico's Roster, and we are very proud of it.

2016: Show cases of Renata Rosa and Tigana Santana at Atlantic Music Expo (Cap Vert). New artists and album releases, as Fernando Del Papa "Eu Também" and Les Primitifs de Padam. Joined our roster, the great duo Joao Cavalcanti and Marcelo Caldi + Lindigo project with Cyril Atef and Fixi called PACHIBABA or with SKIP&Die

We would love to introduce you to our artists.
Please come to see us at stand number -1.126.

Or ...http://www.helicomusic.com

Kindest regards,

Soraya Camillo and Valentin Langlois.

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