Swing à la Django

Swing à la Django


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Quick music video before concert
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  • country:Hungary
  • style(s):Jazz Manouche, Swing
  • label:Heureka Music Agency
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Heureka Music Agency

Line up

  • Gábor Gera (accordion)
  • János Dani (guitar)
  • József Csurkulya  (cimbalom)
  • Lajos Sárközy jr. (violin)
  • Pál Lombos (double bass)
  • Vilmos Seres (clarinet)
  • Zsolt Nagy (drums)


What is Hungarian Django Swing?

Swing à la Django is an innovative six-membered band, which has showed its talents many times in Hungary and abroad as well. They have created a special style-mix in their music with the harmony of authentic Hungarian folk and gypsy music, French chansons, world manouche swing and jazz. This has resulted in a unique style, that they call Hungarian Django swing. At their concerts they go back to the roots, their music is inspired by Django Reinhardt, the greatest Belgian-born gypsy-jazz guitarist, and they follow in the footsteps of Reinhardt to evoke the atmosphere of the 30s-40s. Last year the band performed in Musikverein Vienna, Beijing China, Brussels, Germany, Finland, Romania, Netherland, UK, Slovakia, Romania and Estonia. In Hungary, they performed many times at various places including the Gala of the Prima Primissima Price, the Sziget Festival, CAFe Budapest Festival, Pesti Vigadó and the Budapest Summer Festival. The main attraction of the past few years is the huge international cooperation starring Stochelo Rosenberg, world famous manouche gitarist and Roby Lakatos, violin virtuoso. Since 2019 Lajos Sárközi Jr., Junior Prima award-winning violin virtuoso has joined the band and is working with them to nurture the disappearing, centuries-old musical culture. Their goal is to promote Hungarian culture as widely as possible.