Tomas Kocko & ORCHESTR

Tomas Kocko & ORCHESTR


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  • country:Czechia
  • region:Moravia
  • style(s):World, Pagan Folk
  • label:Indies Scope Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:HM Management

Line up

  • Helena Macháčková (recorder, violin, vocal, dulcimer)
  • Kamil Medvěd Tománek  (doublebass, vocal)
  • Libuše Černá (violin, vocal)
  • Pavel Bongo Plch (percussion, drum set, vocal)
  • Tomáš Kočko (Lead vocal, guitars)


Peculiar songster, singer, composer and speculator in area of traditional Moravian and Slavonic artistic creation, history and religion.

Their music is full of stories and interesting traditions, but the most important quality is their strong ability to attract people to themselves by strong rhythms, catchy melodies and unexpected harmonies..
Even though they play only acoustic instruments, you can be sure, that rock or metal audience will love them

Tomas and his group belong to the top of the middle-east European world music and especially in Czech Republic.

They have been nominated 3 times for award AND&282;L (Czech version of Grammy) and they won it in 2006, in category "world music", thanks their CD POPLOR. This CD also was for two months in TOP 20 of European World Music Charts
The newest album GODULA released in May 2011.

Their music is played on acoustic instruments - guitars, violin, cimbalom and recorders as well as percussions and traditional folk instruments. It sounds straight and it has expressive strains and rhythmical background with elements of rock, metal, folk music and jazz.
They appear in the significant festivals of the Czech republic and world festivals like were European Broadcasting Union Folk Festival in Cork (IR), Rock for People (CZ), Nowa tradycja (PL), Colours of Ostrava (CZ), United Islands of Prague (CZ), Le village europeen des nouvelles musiques traditionnelles (FR), Ethnosfera (PL), Viljandi Folk Festival (Estonia), 14th Heritage World Music Festival, Szolnok (Hungary), Halkaer (Denmark), Ivan Kupala (Russia) and they do plan American tour for next season.

On youtube:
Moravska -
Polska (live)
Kobersti synci

HORNI CHLAPCI / BOYS OF THE UPPER REGION (Indies rec. 1999) - debut assessed by the magazine FOLK & Country as a debut of the year

DO KAMENE TESANE ANEB ONDRA / CUTTING TO THE STONE (Indies rec. 2000) - it has become inspiratory resource for the uprise Polish dramatical performance "-Ondraszek pan Lysej gury (Ondrash-lord of the Lysa hill).

HODOVNICE / Hodovnice (Indies rec. 2001) - it has good reviews not only in the Czech Republic but abroad too.

SADNE ZRNO / PLANTATION SEED (TKA, 2002) - it came out as inset of the fourth edition garner of L.Nezda&345;il "Horni chlapci" (Boys of the upper region).

DO TANCA / LET'S DANCE (Indies rec. 2003) - nominated by the Academy of the popular music in the Czech Republic for the award AND&282;L.

ONDRASZEK - PAN LYSEJ GORY / ONDRASH - LORD OF THE LYSA HILL (Solis Art 2006) - album of the Polish songs from the dramatic performance called as this album.

POPLOR / POPLOR (Indies rec. 2006) - original integration of old roots of traditional music with new influences of contemporary music style and sounds. Inspiration is derived from the folk songs of area of old extinct Big Moravian Empire.

KOLEDA / The Carol (Indies Scope Records 2009)
Untypical Christmas album inspired by pre-Christian pagan habits. Explore the traditions of Winter Solstice, enjoy our history and understand, why many nowadays habits look like they do. Single from this CD appeared at international sampler Sounds from Globalistan next to song from Gorana Bregovi&269; and the others.

GODULA (Indies Scope Records 2011)
Tribute to mystical mountain from Moravia, and to women energy.