What is this movement?

Mup Fest 2022 is a streaming festival that brought together a series of artists that are part of an expression that has been simmering not only in Lisbon, but also throughout the country. A growing movement that is happening mainly in major urban centres, with the particularity of bringing together musicians from various genres and places in the world. A new musical wave that is creating a unique universe, where music and popular culture increasingly assert themselves: not just in one genre or one song, but in this unique movement of the new "Portuguese Urban Music".

Lisbon is the Mecca of Lusophony and the home port for most of the journeys in our history. It once spawned Fado, which became the song of Lisbon and, subsequently, Portugal's most representative musical genre. Today, Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city, where a great cultural melting pot from the four corners of the world boils, where all musical genres fuse not only with fado, but above all with our "portugality" - we all have Amália in our voice... (António Variações). And the great proof of all this is the way we sing in Portuguese: a song of Anglo-Saxon origin, be it rock or pop, for example, end up becoming ours, because despite being foreign, they acquire our identity, "our portugality". This, of course, doesn't only happen in Lisbon, it happens all over the Portuguese world.

But what happens when musicians from such diverse countries get together and bring, each one, their culture and their identity to an ever more welcoming Lisbon, more open, freer from prejudice, more mestizo and more eager for freedom? What can you expect when the sound of a Portuguese guitar is joined by the twelve strings guitar, the cavaquinho, the bandoneón, percussions, the universe of electronic music, winds, strings, and a voice that sings in Portuguese? The answer is: just a movement... The new "Portuguese Urban Music"!