Gisela João
Gisela João


First track from Gisela's debut album, "Gisela João" (2013 © Valentim de Carvalho)
  • 1 Madrugada Sem Sono
  • 2 Vieste Do Fim Do Mundo
  • 3 Meu Amigo Está Longe
  • 4 Bailarico Saloio
  • 5 Voltaste
  • 6 Sei Finalmente
  • 7 Canto De Rua
  • 8 Primaveira Triste
  • 9 (A Casa Da) Mariquinhas
  • 10 Sou Tua
  • 11 Malhões E Vira
  • 12 Maldição
  • 13 Não Venhas Tarde
  • 14 Antigamente
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Official Video for Gisela's single "Meu Amigo Está Longe"
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Line up

  • Bernardo Couto (Portuguese Guitar)
  • Francisco Gaspar (Acoustic Bass)
  • Gisela João (Vocals)
  • Nelson Aleixo (Viola)


When Gisela João released her debut album in 2013, it set in motion a rapid rise to the upper echelons of Portuguese music.

Her voice, deep, passionate, strong yet touched with a sensitive vulnerability, found instant resonance with public and critics alike.

The sparse instrumental accompaniment - no strings, percussion or overblown arrangements – signalled a return to fado's roots but in the service of facing the world of today.

She even dares to sing a classic Amália Rodrigues song with lyrics updated by Capicua, a rapper from Porto. A moderniser then, but making the statement that fado's soul lies in its raw nature and that the emotions it articulates are universal.

It is said that 'a fadista must be born one and not merely wish to be one'. Gisela João is indisputably a natural-born fadista.