Marta Pereira da Costa

Marta Pereira da Costa
Marta Pereira da Costa
Marta Pereira da Costa
Marta Pereira da Costa
  • country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Fado, Instrumental
  • label:Warner Music Portugal
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:jazz combo, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:HM Música - MWF

Line up

  • Marta Pereira da Costa (Portuguese Guitar)


Marta Pereira da Costa has been praised all over the fado universe, but also outside it, by various personalities who recognize her tremendous value, endeavor and courage to devote herself to a demanding instrument, difficult and hard, and to an art that fascinates her.

There is room for tradition and innovation, for subtlety but also for the vitality fitting those who play with their own souls.
We witness a dynamic and very intense show, where beauty, daintiness, surrender and expressiveness take place in a special way and in every song.

Here, the guitar and the woman are one and the same and maybe because of that she's able to gather around her amazing talent from multiple sources, on CD and on stage.

Marta Pereira da Costa is surely one of those who don't settle for less and that, for those who applaud her, is guarantee that she will always be regarding the Infinite.

In her concert, Marta Pereira da Costa carries to the stage secrets never unraveled that become ours when presented live. On stage, she delivers what can not be recorded: the heart of the woman who made the guitar, an extension of her feminine soul.

In her performances, she comes on stage with a quintet formation, composed of a portuguese guitar, viola, double bass, piano and percussion, performing her own songs including "Minha Alma", "Terra", among others, as well as several songs of her new album.
This "journey" also revisits older songs of her repertoire such as "Variações à volta dos Verdes Anos" by Carlos Paredes, "Além Terra" by Mario Pacheco and "Variações em Sol" by Fontes Rocha, her main references and she adventures in new challenges and sonorities yet to debut.
Following this context, the song "Folia" by Mario Laginha and "Encontro" by Rogério Charraz arise.