The Band:
Johanna Kugler - violine
Linde Gansch - cello
Magdalena Zenz - violine
Marie-Theres Helga Anna Gerlinde Sofie Härtel - viola
the normal revolt against the norm
When they take the stage, hips and bright-coloured Dirndls swing. Tradition
flirts with the erotic, where the over the top use of traditional costume
is a flippant take on widespread conservative mentality. But provocation
is not their business, nor their intention. The use of costumes highlights
their way of playing with the old fashioned and the contemporary. Netnakisum
(the German word for „traditional musician“, spelled backwards)
reverse themselves and the audience‘s preconceptions - not only through
wordplay and striking scenery: it is this string quartet‘s professionalism
and enthusiasm that is convincing, as they work their way through the global
sounds of music. They are rooted in their native folk music, displaying
an excellent musical education, internalizing the music of different peoples
and playing with tones the way some people play with their sunglasses. If
you think this is enough to describe a girlband, think again; they are also
outstanding vocalists and perfectly combine voice with string music. It‘s a
fascinating overlapping of vocal qualities with instrumental sounds. When
the musical globe is turned on its head in such a way, it isn‘t surprising
that these four snaicisum (musicians) have pushed the boundaries of
world music with their own compositions. Much is still to come from these
female troubadours.